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Points to Ponder:  A report of a chemtrail spraying "orb" over Lake Ontario.

For some time there have been reports of flying craft involved in high altitude spraying that do not conform to our description or understanding of normal aircraft.  Like many things that do not fit into our normal range of experiences this is difficult to grasp.
Below is the only image that I have currently that matches the description of such aerial craft in the personal report that follows.
This photograph was taken not far from the Holmestead, near Wiarton airport, at approximately 9.00 AM on 7 May 2004.  The craft that is spraying is clearly of cylindrical form and there are apparently no airfoil surfaces.  When first observed the device appeared more as a sphere and glowed with a greenish hue before visually taking on this form.


Orb in cylinder form
This image is used here courtesy of the photographer and the above details are his description.

The following brief report is from a long time trusted friend - an alert, experienced skywatcher who sent this in the course of a regular e-mail exchange:
On the morning of November 16, 2004, the chemtrail spraying was extremely heavy over Brighton, Ontario, where I live.  Just over my head alone were about 5 major trails.
I heard a jet overhead and knew it was a passenger jet without even looking up.  How did I know?  Because I could hear it very clearly.  It had the dull sound of the passenger jets which pass over this area from Toronto.  When I checked, I saw the jet glinting high in the sky with no contrail coming out from behind it.
I turned towards the west and saw a chemtrail sprayer quite close to me going east.  It was much lower than the passenger jet and I could see it quite clearly.  It was a very large jet.  Then, back towards the west, I saw a MUCH smaller plane coming immediately behind the large sprayer.  It was running very close to the trail of the other and then it went right into the chemtrail left by the first plane.  I watched it very closely.  I was amazed to see that it was tiny.  (Plus it is reported as being observed closer and lower than as the image above appears. B.)  No more than one-third the size of the first sprayer, and perhaps only one-quarter of the size.  I could see no wings.  It looked like a silver cylinder flying through the sky spraying a large chemtrail behind it.  It was no more than 2 minutes behind the large sprayer jet and was almost always flying directly in the chemtrail left by the jet or in a very close parallel to the trail.
I was shocked.  It was the first time I have seen what others have called an "orb".  It was silver, very small and a cylinder shape.  But it sprayed just as much as the large jet.
The sprayer jet and the cylinder had no sound.  Except a very, very muffled sound from the first large sprayer.  I really had to strain my ears to hear it.  The extremely muffled sound was intermittent, not a constant drone as from a passenger jet.  A person would never hear the sound in any place where there was traffic or any type of noise.
This occurred at 8:30 AM and they were running west to east right along the North shore of Lake Ontario.  The spraying continued all day and was massive.
Because of the extremely small size of the "cylinder" craft, I wonder if it was even manned.  This would explain a great deal of how this program is being carried out over massive areas of the globe since the number of pilots required would be mind-boggling using jets alone.


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