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"Everyone talks about the weather,
but nobody does anything about it."
Maple Leaf
October 2003
It appears that "Deep Shield" is employed at Lawrence Livermore National Laboratory:  I received the original information (questions and answers) on the earlier Shield Project page through David Stewart.  In late September 2003 David wrote the following - "His 2 cents worth".
Please note this:  there are many critical questions that could be raised by this story but in essence we must take it for what it is worth.  The scientist cannot get so much as a thumb tack out of the place of employment as security is so intense.  Specifics are hard to come by as our source is but a small cog in a very, very big machine and does not have access to all the answers.  Therefore if "Deep Shield" were to come into the open without documentation of this story and therefore no hard evidence it would amount to little more than what it is is here - a "conspiracy theory".  So, as David himself says, take it or leave it.
David Stewart:
Just my 2 cents worth

Any of you who know me (which a few do) know that I have been in contact with a person who claims to be an insider.
His claim is that his job is to work on atmospheric models, create computer models of weather patterns and the effects of certain chemicals on the atmosphere.  He also predicts how long these will stay up, how they will spread and their effect on the heat absorption of the atmosphere in sprayed areas.
I am the source through which the Deep Shield letters came through.
In August of this year I met face to face with 'Deep Shield' - a name coined by another for my source.  We spent a week on a 'camping trip'.  This week was spent discussing Chemtrails, the history, the reasons for and the future of this project.
Much of what he and I talked of was a rehash of things we had already talked about before.  Though I made the mistake - yes mistake - of posting what I knew on another group, my source has been willing to offer me more information.
People would assume that this means he is willing to come out and stand at the forefront of this 'fight' but he is not, never has been and may never willingly come out.
The Shield Project (his name, this is not the name of the project officially) is a poor attempt to reduce the damage of Global Warming and Ozone Depletion.
The materials used for the Spray Program are used because of their reflection qualities and because they can carry an electrical charge.
Further, they are less toxic than other materials suggested in the past.
The Shield's primary mission is to reflect UV and Infrared radiation back out into space.  This is to mitigate the green house effect and also to replace (hopefully on a temporary basis) the missing ozone.
However, as we have seen this past year, the Shield Project is not perfect.
My source held up the record breaking tornado season, the killer European heat wave and the Atlantic's unseasonable cooler waters as evidence that we are in a period of climatic crises.  According to him the Shield Project was basically worthless when it came to reducing these issues.  Though he strongly believes that without the Shield project these would have been far worse than they were.
HAARP may or may not have anything to do with this. If it does, then it would not be for a military application, but a poor attempt to create ozone where it is needed - that is up there.  I checked into the this idea, it appears that we make ozone all the time with electricity - however that is ground level ozone which is not really good for our health.  It is possible (there is no way to verify this through my source who is just a cog in a very, very big machine) that HAARP or something similar to it is being used to 'tickle' the material of the Shield to create an electric field which could produce ozone high up in the atmosphere.
This is just a theory - take it or leave it.
What disturbs me most is that my source came out and said that the project is failing to do, as it should.  Security at his lab is tight, in that there are security cameras all over the place, nothing is allowed to leave the lab, but at the same time they are allowed to talk freely.  There are more arguments (screaming matches) of the top brass and obviously civilian dressed military who come and go at his lab.  The arguments appear (to my source) to be due to several factors, such as the expense of all of this, the effectiveness and the long-term outlook for humanity and Earth (which according to my source is not good).
If you are looking for a stack of bodies that have been killed by chemtrails - you will not find it.  However, if you start really digging you will find that there is a growing stack of bodies none of whom officially died from Chemtrail poisoning, but have died from related or 'similar' diseases.
Start by looking in East Texas, where the initial tests of these materials was done back in the mid 1990's.
The 'official' off the record estimate is that over the next 50 years there will be 2 billion causalities.  This does not mean 2 billion will die - it means that 2 billion will be affected directly by exposure to the material of the chemtrails.  From asthma to death - and there is a very, very wide range of other illnesses between.
The continual denial of Chemtrails is made far easier when we are given outlandish 'NWO' death sentence on humanity - these tales are put forth and make it far easier for people to not listen.  Part of these tales may have been started by official debunkers whose job was to cause doubt and to make any claims that 'chemtrail spraying' appears to be just another conspiracy theory.
All we have to do is pull up weather records for the past century and we can see that it is in the late 20th century we had a rapid increase of severe weather - we will also note that UV issues and ozone depletion have been around for a while.  We also find that the reports of 'strange' and unusual contrails started in the 1990's - odd at best, suggestive to me, if no one else.
My source also told me to look at the political climate of the world.  We find that there has been a remarked change in the willingness of the world to cooperate to a greater extent than ever.
Sure there are plenty of wars going on, but in general the nations are seeking ways to get along economically and politically - doing things which post WWII were impossible.  All suggestive that there is a threat from the outside which is forcing nations to cooperate.
Scalar Weapons, a Genocide program by TPTB (The Powers That Be), Aliens, Lizards, and all that rot just does not stand up under scrutiny.  Besides which we all know that the powers that be are where they are by standing on the backs of the masses.  If we are foolish enough to think otherwise then and only then does a mass genocide make sense.  However our civilization is only possible because we are many - most of whom are mere workers.  Our technology and science only works because there is enough cannon fodder to throw at the problems.  The parasites of the 'Elite' need us and would protect us in order to serve their own best interests.
Think on that.
They will take great strides to control us (i.e. better security, Digital Angel, etc.) but killing us off will lead to their own destruction.
The only logical reason for any spray program is to protect the earth (a system of life which is delicate to the extreme) from some threat.  The disadvantages of using known toxins must be outweighed by the advantages - I can only draw one conclusion that the threat of UV summer and major climatic, global warming is worth the risk of poisoning 30% of the earth, humanity and otherwise.  The issue of global warming is not just a weather issue - it is also an economic one - after all who pays for the clean up after these storms?  Where does the money come from?  Do we honestly think that insurers would not balance 2 billion sick and dead against the far costlier expense of rebuilding cities after major tornadoes, floods, hurricanes, etc.?
What was the total cost of Europe's killer heat wave not in lives but in Euros, Francs and Dollars?
Given the political climate (which with the gentle treatment of Bush and his lies suggests that the international community is at best putting on a front while not willing to take risks to jeopardize something far bigger and unseen); the economic push by nearly every nation on earth for a global economy - weighed against what must be a very expensive project; the fact that weather and climate has not been 'normal' for a decade - we can only conclude that if there is a spray program in place (which there is plenty of evidence to suggest that something is taking place) then it has to be for some threat which would effect the whole world.
In August my source told me that things will continue to get worse, not better.  He also told me that new materials, more toxic materials will start showing up in samples of rainwater and air.  He also warned me that sooner or later the governments of earth will basically release the information everyone wants - simply because the costs are so high that there will be no choice but come clean and tell world what it faces.
He thinks (based on the information he has) that this will happen by 2005.  He also thinks that the climate and weather issues we have seen to date will get far worse during the next two years.  These will become so noticeable that no one will doubt that we are in serious hot water.
David Stewart


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