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NG July coverThe July 2004 issue of National Geographic magazine features a major article and fine poster insert on the subject of The Sun and examines in great detail the increasing solar activity being detected by scientists.
It provides excellent factual background material to the item that follows below - that by coincidence - came to light at around the same time, that is, early July 2004.
If the magazine itself is not available to you then click on the image below to go to the appropriate web page for a preview:
NG The Sun
Images by Fred Espenak (left); Solar and Heliospheric Observatory/Extreme-ultraviolet Imaging Telescope,
European Space Agency and NASA

The letter below may be from an insider but in any event it presents in a logical manner another theory as to the reasons for the illegal high altitude spraying by large military type aircraft of unknown substances - commonly referred to as 'chemtrails'.
Please take it for what it is worth and make your own decisions in the same way that you may have already done in reading the "Deep Shield" pages on this web site!
As for the background to all this and how it came to appear here - an item appeared on Rense, 7 July 2004 by Marjorie Tietjen titled: Blatant ABC Chemtrail Subliminals and it contained these words: "Several days ago, I was speaking with a customer in my store who happened to mention that he was in the Airforce.  Needless to say, that peaked my interest.  I asked him what he knew about the current jet aerosol operation.  I briefly described what I was referring to and I could sense that he knew exactly what I was talking about.  I brought up the possibility of the chemtrails being used as some sort of sunscreen.  He replied in a very sincere manner....'well, you know that we are having problems with too much of the sun's radiation entering our atmosphere.'"

That, if accurate, was interesting enough but I immediately made the connection to the National Geographic feature on The Sun that was in front of me.
Later that same day (7 July 2004) Marjorie posted in a forum a lengthy response that she had already received from a reader of the Rense article.  And as she said there: "I'm not sure if he/she is an 'insider' or just a researcher."  But, may I add, he/she certainly appears to be a student of film!
So see what you think - I have called it the Solar connection.


Points to Ponder: The Solar connection?

Date: Wednesday, 7 July 2004, 5:41 p.m.
Dear Ms. Tietjen,
I know what chemtrails are and their purpose.
Uncovering the terrible secret of chemtrails has led to many sleepless nights. What the human race faces, quite literally, is a battle for our future existence -- at the very least a battle to try to retain the civilization we now enjoy. Terrorism, Iraq, Afghanistan, the potential threats of Iran and North Korea, nuclear conflagration -- all pale when compared to the dire threat our world is facing right now. That's right. Now. This instant -- not some misty time in the far off future.
As best as can be documented, chemtrails first appeared in our skies during 1997. But the growing awareness among certain scientific and military circles that something along the lines as chemtrails were needed to protect the human race began as long ago as the early 1980s.
Many hypotheses exist as to why the world's military forces (initially, primarily the United States Air Force) embarked upon this massive, well-coordinated, atmospheric aerosol spraying. Most of the hypotheses border on fringe science, complete speculation or fantastic conspiracy theories.
These wide-ranging hypotheses span the spectrum from aerial applications in conjunction with HAARP technology being experimented with from installations in Alaska, Colorado, Utah, the United Kingdom, Costa Rica, Australia, the Antarctic and Japan (most are only familiar with the Alaskan operations as that has been heavily reported and discussed) -- to wild assertions that it is some kind of “dumbing down” or “pruning” operation designed to take control of the greater populace, or de-populate the Earth to numbers that can be contained by some shadowy elite. Falling between these two extremes are those that believe that the now worldwide mission is somehow attempting to limit or forestall so-called global warming.
Those that are aware of the aerosol spraying (which is a surprisingly small number) and believe it has to do with the climate are actually the closest to the truth. But the truth is so shocking, so unnerving, and so likely to cause huge social and economic upheaval, that it is understandable why the “powers that be” have elected to attempt this planetary rescue mission while keeping most of the world in the dark. Indeed, even most of the crews that fly the missions out of air force bases around the globe in specially re-fitted Lockheed and Boeing jets do not understand the true nature of their mission. The full scope of the mission is only revealed on a need-to-know basis. And what initially began as an American project has now been joined by almost every air force of every nation on Earth.
The residue of chemtrails have been analyzed by some independent laboratories and the results have been variable, and to an extent, conflicting. Barium, aluminum oxide particles and carbon black are the primary mixture and work together to create the atmospheric barrier.
Stories of samples from chemtrail residue analyzed by a facility in British Columbia, which is presumably licensed by the U. S. Environmental Protection Agency, were said to have found (in addition to the jet fuel) numerous pathogens including: Pseudomonas Aeruginosa, which causes respiratory infection and attacks the immunization system; Serratia Marcescens, an antibiotic-resistant bacteria causing pneumonia, endocarditis and meningitis; as well as Streptomyces and various molds capable of inducing heart disease, upper respiratory and gastrointestinal ailments. The problem with any analysis that presumably detects pathogens in the aerosol mixture, however, is that the samples could easily have become contaminated as they were not retrieved while airborne, but harvested from the ground or near the ground.
Some think that the chemtrail mission is directly related to the late Dr. Edward Teller's infamous white paper advocating aerosol spraying as a means towards global climate control. Dr. Teller, known throughout the world as the “father of the hydrogen bomb,” did write such a paper and it is still downloadable from the Internet as a PDF document here:
The truth is, Dr. Teller's paper was more of a coincidence than a primary motivator for the aerosol spraying program which had already been approved in principal by both President George H.W. Bush in 1989 and President William Clinton in 1991. In 2001, George W. Bush inherited the program and, working with virtually every government in the world, moved to institute the program on a planetary basis.
The Earth is in danger. Real danger. No, we are not about to be invaded by bug-eyed space aliens or gigantic mutant insects erupting from their atomically contaminated lairs. The danger, however, does sound like a science fiction scenario. Unfortunately it is real. Actually, to be exact, the Earth itself is not in imminent danger -- merely every form of life that currently inhabits this planet.
When did this danger emerge? No one may ever know for certain, but the signs that something was beginning to go terribly wrong were observed by a few as far back as the 1940s. The true scope of the danger began to be realized in the late 1960s. Less than 15 years later the data being analyzed confirmed that the worst fears were true. At that point the only questions in many researcher's minds was, “How much time do we have?” and “Do we have a sufficient level of technology to save ourselves?”
In a way, we are lucky. If this crisis had emerged even 100 years ago the human race wouldn't have stood a chance. It wouldn't even have known what was happening to it. Even now we can understand the ultimate consequences, the effects, yet have very little knowledge of exactly what is causing the phenomenon.
While the world is heatedly debating issues such as war and rumors of war, pollution as a cause of global warming, the merits or lack of merits of certain religions or who will win the U.S. presidential election in November, the real action is occurring almost daily at 25,000 to 50,000 feet above our heads.
The heroes are anonymous; their are weapons sparkling pinpoints cutting through the atmosphere at 500 mph. I call them heroes because that's what they are -- men and women who are literally fighting every day in a valiant attempt to save all of our lives. No one knows for sure if they will succeed. If they fail, however, the consequences are almost too terrible to contemplate. Quite simply, in the worst case scenario, a mass extinction will occur not experienced on Earth for almost 250 million years. I do not wish to frighten anyone, nor am I a ”doom and gloomer,” for I believe that we have a good chance of making this work. Being a realist, however, I must admit there are no iron clad guarantees. Putting it bluntly, if we fail, the human race will, for the most part, cease to exist.
Climate is just one of the changes facing our brave, new world. Scientists have recently discovered that a new mass extinction is underway. Insect and animal migrations have begun on a titanic scale. Biological mutations are erupting spontaneously that have no counterpart historically and no easy explanation. Most disturbing of all, it has been confirmed that human male sperm counts are dropping precipitously around the world -- a trend that began to be noticed and tracked just several decades ago. Concurrent to this is the little reported fact that this trend towards infertility is not constrained to humans alone, but cuts across all mammalian species.
The late film director and producer, George Pal, created many classic science fiction and fantasy movies from the 1950s through the 1970s. One of his earliest films was the spectacular, “When Worlds Collide,” which some who speak of renegade planets or cometary bodies rely on heavy for their “factual” source material. Well, rest easy, for it is very unlikely you or I will ever see the planetary impacts or close flybys (such as the much discussed “Planet X”) anytime soon. By anytime soon I mean during the next several thousand years.
Yet, in a sense, there are worlds colliding right now. These worlds are in our solar system and include our Earth. The collisions are not of mass, but energy. Some of the energy is coming from the sun, which has become more active than at anytime since the last 1200 to 1400 years. But other activity seems to be extra-solar in nature. Here a secret, but fierce debate has begun as to whether it is because our entire solar system has moved into a new area of space rampant with anomalous energy, or if it is cyclical in nature and energy streams between our system and another dimension have erupted once again after millions of years.
As I mentioned previously, the debate is interesting, but the effect is what is most important. Whatever the cause, it has been agreed upon that the effect is very quickly going to change our climate radically, displace billions, disrupt food supplies, cause massive outbreaks of disease, irradiate parts of the Earth, melt the Arctic ice, turn off crucial ocean currents such as the Gulf Stream that protect northern Europe from arctic-like conditions. . . and all that is merely the precursor of the breakdowns to come.
Mars... the ancient god of war, of turmoil, of destruction. The angry red planet.
Perhaps aptly named, Mars was the first planet that gave us clues that what was happening to Earth's climate had little, if anything, to do with fluorocarbon in hair spray or the burning of fossil fuels.
Large, politicized organizations like The Sierra Club and Greenpeace and politicians like Al Gore may still be beating the “evil industry is causing global warming” drum, but they are ignorant of the facts. The handwringers over the stalemated Kyoto Protocol don't know or understand that their rather draconian agreement could have been passed and enforced to the letter and it would make not one iota of difference to the massive upcoming climate change ahead of us. It is analogous to attempting to stop a rampaging flood with a few, feeble sandbags.
Mars is heating up. Mars is undergoing massive climactic change, exactly as our Earth is warming. The year 2050 is about the time that NASA predicts the polar ice caps on Mars will be completely eradicated.
Curiously, the United States Navy has embarked on a time schedule to launch its new arctic fleet by 2050. You see, the year 2050 is when they project the north pole will be divested of much of its ice and its waterways will be open to navigation.
Mars and Earth are both losing their ice caps.
So, the Earth is heating up. . . and it's not caused by pollution or volcanic action. Mars is heating up. . . and it is certainly not being caused by pollution, nor even volcanic eruptions. Are these the only two planets exhibiting such anomalous climate changes?
The amazing truth is every planet in our solar system is being affected, from Mercury all the way out to distant Pluto (mean distance from sun 3.67 billion miles). Astronomers first discovered that Pluto is heating up during their 2003 routine observations. The data left them scratching their collective heads. Not only was Pluto heating up, but it was getting hotter even as its orbit was taking it farther away from the sun!
Other observations of the planets during the past decade have revealed that Mercury, the closest planet to the sun (its mean distance from the Sun is cited as 36,000,000 miles) has developed an ice cap. Think about that: it has formed an icecap. What does that mean in respect to the extra-solar energy flowing into our system? It is heating up a world like Pluto while cooling down parts of a planet like Mercury, where the average temperature has always been measured as hot enough to melt lead.
But there is much more.
The thick atmosphere of Venus is rapidly changing. Its chemical composition has changed remarkably in the past several years and that change is accelerating. The giant gas planets (Jupiter, Saturn, Uranus and Neptune) are heating up. The radiation being emitted from them has intensified. Remarkably, even their luminosity has increased from 50% to over 300% depending on the planet. And most astounding of all, Io, one of Jupiter's many moons, has become so hot that if it continues its temperature rise Io is in danger of melting.
The climate change is not just affecting Earth. It is a solar systemwide phenomenon.
Less than eight years ago the United States took the lead and instituted a brilliant and bold project borne out of desperation: creating a thermal, anti-radiation barrier in a band of our atmosphere beneath Earth's troposphere. Although the project itself may cause some planetary climate change, it is calculated to cause far less damage than the events that have been extrapolated to occur in our near future. It is a two-edged sword as the aerosol spraying will undeniably affect some individuals making them sick or otherwise affecting to an extent their immune systems and respiratory systems. The trade off, however, is long term survival of our civilization.
The dice are rolling and no one knows if one of the most secret projects in history can protect our world from the extra-solar (perhaps extra-dimensional) catastrophes lying in wait ahead of us. It is ironic, that a project every bit as secretive as the breaking of the Nazi High Command codes, or the Manhattan atom bomb project, is visible in the skies above our heads on any given day (and sometimes any given night). It lends credence to the old intelligence axiom that the best way to keep something secret is by hiding it in plain sight. Obviously, hundreds of millions have seen chemtrails in the skies and have ignored them or dismissed them as simple ice-vapor contrails.
During the past several years some of the media have raised questions about chemtrails (such as Fox News' reports about them in 2002). But the news reports mysteriously fade away and mainstream investigative reporters and science reporters who express an interest are, for the most part, persuaded to drop their efforts to identify exactly what is going on in our skies and why.
As long ago as the early 1940s, some physicists and astronomers began to notice a pattern of change coming over the sun. It did not become more pronounced until the new millennium arrived. During the past four years, from 2000 through 2004, the sun's activity has become more unpredictable and more obvious. Scientists, some working for the military or the federal government, began to think the unthinkable: the sun and all the planets were beginning a massive transformation. This transformation is unstoppable, potentially catastrophic to life and will most certainly cause the Earth's environment to experience abrupt changes on a massive scale. Because the sun and all the planets together are reacting to this outside phenomenon, it is beginning to be suspected that some trans-dimensional energy in this region of space is interacting with the normal activity of the sun and the planets.
Richard C. Hoagland, among others, has been advocating such an energy transference between our universe and (for lack of a better term) a ”sister universe” for some years now. He has been all too aware of the significant changes happening with our sun and all the planets in our solar system. His latest paper discussing this phenomenon, (which he calls ”hyper-dimensional”) is ”Interplanetary Day After Tomorrow?” available to read at this URL:
Mr. Hoagland has a brilliant and highly imaginative mind. He is also a maverick. Because some of his methods are unorthodox and his insight unsettling, much of the scientific establishment tends to dismiss his ideas. The irony is, years after they dismiss his observations they often are found rushing to publish papers in peer publications exactly echoing what he often first pointed out to them. Such is the history of the established norm versus the insightful innovators.
Hyper-dimensionalism or trans-dimensional energy transference, call it what you will,this phenomenon seems to be at the root of the system-wide disaster unfolding right before our eyes. It is only the beginning, perhaps the beginning of the end.
H. G. Wells' famous tale, “The Time Machine,” was spun about a Nineteenth century inventor who breaks the boundaries of time and propels himself more than 800,000 years into the future only to find that the human race has split into two: the Eloi, who live on the surface of the world, and the Morlocks who are subterranean dwellers. Over the eons the Morlocks became monstrous, half-human cannibals that still controlled a rudimentary technology. The Eloi became simple, Eden-like creatures who were blissfully unaware that they were the entree of choice on the Morlock's dinner plates.
The road ahead of us may not produce such a gruesome schism, but the human race may indeed be forced into a scenario similar to that envisioned by Mr. Wells' scientific fantasy.
Many who read this are very much aware of the massive underground complexes that have been built in the United States and other countries since World War II. Much of the technology was acquired from Nazi engineering projects and during the last 60 years vastly improved upon using more advanced technology and materials.
The original purpose of most of the underground complexes (many in hollowed out mountains or under the wasteland of parched desert terrain) was for key elements of society and government to survive a nuclear cataclysm. To an extent that is still one of the purposes. But all have been modified and more are being constructed around the world at breakneck speed in the event that the system phenomenon is not constrained by the aerosol chemical barrier, or the changes of the solar system last much longer than what is hoped. I say “hoped” because although there are numerous hypotheses, no one really knows how long this change will last or if, indeed, it may become permanent.
Therefore, millions of people may have to spend the rest of their lives in underground cities -- and perhaps their children and grandchildren. Of course, that still leaves billions on the surface of a dying planet. How long those billions will be able to survive, no one knows. The future “Morlocks” will be tasked with furthering the research so one day Mankind can safely regain a foothold on the surface, while the “Eloi” will have to fend for themselves. Seeing the impact that the extra-solar changes could bring to this planet if the aerosol spraying program fails, it seems more likely that the ”Morlocks” will remain human, while the “Eloi” surface survivors (if any) could mutate into the monsters.
I have traveled around the world and lived in many different American cities. Currently, I reside in the Southwest. I watch the chemplanes fly in from Edwards Air Force base in California, desperately performing their mission. Although most of the crews are not aware of it, the success of their mission holds the fate of the human race in their hands.
Several months ago I met a flight engineer who is a regular crew member aboard a re-fitted U.S. Air Force Boeing aircraft that is part of the aerosol mission out of Edwards. I will call him “Roger Anderson,” although that is not his real name. He is a friend of a friend of mine who works in chemical engineering. Anderson was quite frank with me after I divulged to him all I knew at that point about the history and mission of chemtrails. We were sitting in the corner of an almost deserted BBQ restaurant in the city of Simi Valley, California (a restaurant, by the way, often frequented by men who work at Northrop's Skunkworks on Project Aurora, if that rings any bells with you).
Anderson confirmed the true mission objectives and protocols and laughed when I brought up some of the half-baked conspiracy theories out there. He shook his head and found it fascinating that people could believe that the government would purposefully try to make people sick on a worldwide scale. After all, he pointed out, we're all breathing the same air -- whether you are a farmer in Iowa, a mechanic in Texas or a politician in Washington, DC.
When I pressed him about the long term health effects from an aerosol spray that always contains at its base carbon black, ionized aluminum particles and barium, he admitted it will make some people ill. But he went on to argue that the alternative is much worse if just left to follow its own course without at least the attempt of human intervention. Based on what I have personally learned from my own research and contacts with government scientists these past few years, I had to agree.
So what comes next? Will we reach the apex of drama as depicted in that old, British science fiction film, ”The Day the Earth Caught Fire,” where actor Leo McKern, portraying the editor of a London newspaper, holds up two possible headlines for the morning edition: ”Earth Saved. Billions Give Thanks,” or ”Earth Doomed. People of the World Pray.” The film ended with that scene and the viewer was left to their own imagination as to which scenario ensued.
We are in that same predicament. We don't know exactly the cause of the phenomenon we are fighting. We don't know how long it will last or the peak of its intensity. We only know that the Earth, as well as all the other planets and our sun, has become enveloped in an unknown energy field that threatens all stability across the solar system and our very lives.
When you see the chemplanes and the chemtrails in their wakes, look at them not with fear and trepidation, nor with anger and enmity, but embrace them and their brave crews. They are truly fighting the odds to save us and our planet. Look up at the skies and say a prayer for the heroes who are among us. If they fail, we all fail and our race itself may fail. But damn it, at least we went down swinging!

 does not necessarily endorse the views expressed in this web page.  We present this in the interests of research and for the relevant information we believe it contains relating to the illegal high altitude spraying by large military type aircraft of unknown substances - commonly referred to as chemtrails.

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