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"Everyone talks about the weather,
but nobody does anything about it."
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Points to Ponder:  The NBC station in Los Angeles,
broadcast this report 23 May 2006.

KNBC TV screen
"It's a quiet mountain community, but some residents claim
something's happening in the sky that's making them sick -
Mystery clouds and unusual contrails ... Is it a weather
experiment on a massive scale?
In a Channel 4 News investigation, Paul Moyer looks into
why some say the government is manipulating the weather."

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The video archived on KNBC itself is no longer available.
For a transcript of the video commentary see below.


May 2006:  Here is perhaps the first real mainstream media coverage in the U.S.A on the subject of the illegal high altitude spraying by large military type aircraft of unknown substances - commonly referred to as 'chemtrails'.
On 23 May 2006 the NBC station in Los Angeles, KNBC broadcast a news item, reported and hosted by Paul Moyer, called "Toxic Sky" on the situation in Los Angeles County and in the Coastal Ranges of Northern California.
It is as fair and balanced a piece as you're going to see on network TV with Moyer himself appearing to be genuinely convinced.
Rosalind Peterson is great in a formal interview setting with Moyer and, in too little time, covered barium, aluminum and the upcoming bills on weather modification.  (For more on Rosalind and Bill S-517 see: Weather Modification Bill.)
Much of the basic research for this story must have come from an excellent piece in the Alpenhorn News - a newspaper based in Crestline, Ca. but that report is no longer available online.
Anyhow, our compliments to Paul Moyer and his team for a job well done!


Transcript of KNBC "Toxic Sky"

Paul Moyer: “Tonight a community in the San Bernadino mountains has a real mystery on its hands.  The official explanation here is that jet contrails are causing strange lines in the sky and that it’s pollen making people sick on the ground.  But others are convinced it is something else.  And they ask: ‘Is the government experimenting with our weather?’”
Gretchen Sherman: “There is a huge dust cloud.”
Long-time Cedar Glen resident Gretchen Sherman says she has never seen anything like it.
Paul Moyer: “How big was it?”
“Oh, it covered the entire Cedar Glen area.”
A cloud of dust leaving a sticky yellow slime all over her car.  It happened again last February. And calls began pouring in to the local Alpenhorn newspaper.
Denis Labadie: “And they had a tremendous upsurge of children that were not going to school at that point.”
Pharmacist Ed Burows says it is the most mysterious illness he’s seen in twenty-two years on the mountain.
Ed Burows: “A lot of eye infection problems, upper respiratory problems, nose bleeds.”
The nearby March Airforce Base say it didn’t come from them.  Others said it was a pollen cloud.
The Department of Health found a yellowish tint on a tissue submitted for testing.  But (quote): “There was no sign of any biological form such as cedar pollen.”  And the test was ruled inconclusive.  And it wasn’t long before things ballooned into a sky-high mystery.
Paul Moyer: The story is not just here in Crestline and the alleged yellow cloud.  People say the government is up there in airplanes spraying all kinds of chemicals to change or manipulate the weather.
Leaving what you see there.  And they call that a chemtrail?
Laurie Kelly: “So when I look up there and what I think are contrails, you’re telling me are chemtrails.”
“Yes.  A contrail would be dissipated by now.”
“It would?”
“Yes. It would.”
Chemtrails.  On the internet they are cited as proof of the government creating clouds to combat global warming.  In response the Airforce says that [quote]: “There is no such thing as a chemtrail.  The actual contrails are a safe and natural phenomenon.  And that people are seeing more contrails simply because there are more jets forming large clouds, depending on weather conditions, as in this video of alleged chemtrails shot near San Francisco.”
Gregory Benford: “I think these are contrails.”
Professor Gregory Benford of UC Irvine works with the Department of Energy on weather research.
“That’s very odd.  They could be very large contrails.”
He says the DoE doesn’t know of any gets spraying chemicals to affect the weather.  However, he says, we will probably see it in the near future.
Gregory Benford: “You’ve got to in a sense engineer all these, so you get the right kind of clouds, with the effects we want.”
It is called geoengineering.  Fighting global warming by putting a chemical dust in the atmosphere and reflecting harmful radiation back into space.
Gregory Benford: “You could use barium oxide, for example, which makes big fluffy clouds.  You could use tiny little bits of aluminum, which is benign in the environment, and essentially manage the climate.”
“And what I found was unusual spiking since the early 1990s, and barium, aluminum.”
But Rosalind Peterson of California Skywatch says Health Department records show a sharp increase in both chemicals in the water supply of Northern California, dating from the time the huge contrails first appeared over her home in Medecino County.
Paul Moyer: “What’s the significance of the barium and the aluminum?”
Rosalind Peterson: “I went and got all the tests and all these things in the same test would be up way over state and federal standards.  This had to be airborne because how could it get to such diverse regions of our county.  We have jets going in every direction.  Xs, east-west, north-south, circles.  There is something going on in the air.  I don’t know exactly what but I think there is some experimentation.”
Paul Moyer: “Is it legal?”
Rosalind Peterson: “I don’t know because we haven’t had a public discussion.”
But what is unknown today may be actual fact tomorrow thanks to a bill soon to be voted on in the US Senate, a weather modification act calling for research in [quote] “attempting to change or control by artificial methods the natural development of atmospheric cloud forms”.
Paul Moyer: “Doesn’t it seem to you that they’re going to be doing it in future, for sure?”
Rosalind Peterson: “Yes.  And if they are, I want to know about it.
In the meantime a lot of people are wondering if they’ll ever get clear skies and a clear answer.
Paul Moyer: “The legislation is there.  Therefore somebody is thinking about this.  How does this make sense…?”
Laurie Kelly: “I don’t know.  Maybe they’re practising.”
“…over Cedar Glen - over Arrowhead?”
“Ah, I guess you have to try it out before you use it.  I’m not sure.”
Paul Moyer: “Well, you be the judge.  We’ll keep you posted on anything further on this story.  And there will be more, that’s for sure  More information on the weather modification proposals, check on our website:”


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