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Points to Ponder:  Discovery Channel series, Best Evidence
and "Weather Warfare" a new book.

Discovery Channel series, Best Evidence
Best Evidence logo.

The stated premise of this new, Toronto produced, short television series is described thus: "Best Evidence combines dramatic documentary storytelling with today's technology and advances in science to unravel and test both long-held and recent mysteries.  We go to any limits - using science rather than loose conjecture - to make definitive points leading us to the very Best Evidence."
So when we saw subjects announced such as: TWA Flight 800, Bigfoot, The Roswell Incident, John Wayne's Death, Cattle Mutilations, Near-Death Experiences, Alien Abductions we were delighted to also find: Chemical Contrails!
Again to quote the Discovery website:  "Across the planet, millions of people have seen them - jet aircraft vapor trails lingering in the sky.  Are these just regular "contrails" - the carbon and water vapor exhaust from commercial planes - or are they potentially toxic "chemical trails" emitted intentionally as part of secret geo-engineering experiments or weather-weaponization tests?  Experts and passionate observers on both sides present their best evidence - from video and photographs, satellite imagery, soil samples and military evidence.  We shed light on a subject that has many people looking up for answers to disturbing questions.  A team of technicians at an independent laboratory will examine the samples to finally get to the heart of the question:  What is in those fuel emissions and what causes them to linger for hours and link up with one another like a ghostly blanket that seems to affect the weather and perhaps our health?"
The one hour "Chemical Contrails" episode, first aired 22 February 2007 appeared to be a compromise of some sort - perhaps the pro-chemtrail side was too convincing and the government types and "scientists" were coming off poorly because in the version aired an excess of screen time was devoted to a rather meaningless laboratory testing of commercial jet fuel that appeared to this viewer to be extended to fill where something earlier had been edited out.
Why would the producer or director not have seen this content imbalance - but who knows what went on?
But, nevertheless, it is a breakthrough that such a program be aired at all in the mainstream media.  The general consensus is that the best thing about the program was it exposed the issue to a wider audience of people who might otherwise not know anything about chemtrails but have questioned all of the strange plumes that they have been seeing in our skies for the last number of years.
The USA Discovery Channel has some twenty-two international versions so watch for this program to be broadcast in your own country.
As an aside - some program material was drawn from this website for the "Chemical Contrails" episode and we were interviewed for background details.  There is a closing on-screen acknowledgement.

7 March 2007:  As mentioned above this series initially aired only on the USA Discovery Channel but the "Chemical Contrails" episode has been made available on a video service.  There is no telling how long it may be there due to potential copyright issues.  It is in sections - just follow the links in order to view the full television hour:
| Part 1 | Part 2 | Part 3 | Part 4 | Part 5 | Part 6 | Part 7 |
Our thanks to "Neverknwo" for making it available at

Chemtrail aircraft spraying

The Military's Plan To Draft Mother Nature
This recently published (December 2006) book by Jerry E. Smith covers a lot of ground.  We are including this review here as the book draws upon some material from this website - in particular the popular story of "Deep Shield".
Book - Weather WarfareSpacer Smith takes us through an extended survey of the weather warfare business: environmental modification (ENMOD), manufactured earthquakes & hurricanes and other weather systems, and HAARP (High-Frequency Active Auroral Research Program).
Smith relates the revealing story of Rep. Dennis Kucinich (D-Ohio) who in early 2001 submitted legislation to Congress to ban all space-based weapons.  The bill, HR2977 cited specific systems that should be banned: weapons using radiation, electromagnetic, molecular, subatomic, laser, psychotronic, sonic, ultrasonic, mood management, mind control, chemical, biological, high altitude low frequency (ELF), ultra low frequency radiation (ULF), plasma, ionospheric, tectonic and other weapons, including chemtrails.
When Ohio-based journalist Bob Fitrakis asked Kucinich why he introduced legislation banning chemtrails when the U.S. government denied the existence of chemtrails, calling them “a hoax,” Kucinich responded, “The truth is there’s an entire program in the Department of Defense, ‘Vision for 2020,’ that’s developing these weapons.”
Congressman Kucinich subsequently pulled the teeth out of his proposed legislation, Smith notes in "Weather Warfare".  The Congressman resubmitted it a couple of years later as HR 3657.  No mention of chemtrails or mind control under the post-9/11 regime.
Weather warfare in the U.S. got underway in 1953, Smith relates, when Pres. Eisenhower signed off on a weather control advisory committee.  By 1958 the U.S. Department of Defense (DoD) had "'ways to manipulate the charges of the earth and sky and so affect the weather' by using electronic modification of the atmosphere to ionize or de-ionize selected regions of the sky over targeted areas."  The only restraints on ENMOD were fears of litigation from those destroyed and damaged by experimental projects (hurricanes, earthquakes, aerial spraying).  By 1977, the litigation and plausible deniability problems were largely resolved when most of the weather mod programs went underground, into the military.  Hence, of course, chemtrails must remain secret as all sorts of people would sue if they knew they were being "extinguished", and would question the conclusions of the secret research.
In conclusion, we think "Weather Warfare" is a valuable resource.  Smith could well have spent more time being critical of some of his sources such as a host of NASA and Bilderberger types.  Perhaps it is due to the style of presentation: "here’s some seemingly contradictory data, information mixed with misinformation and other stuff: you decide" sort of philosophy. 
The book is available from or directly from Jerry E. Smith plus all major bookstores and from other major on-line booksellers.

Published by Adventures Unlimited Press. $18.95  Paperback: 402 pages, 6x9 trade paperback, Appendix, Bibliography, Illustrated.  ISBN: 1931882606

Chemtrail aircraft spraying

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